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Global Natural History Day Overview 2020

Global Natural History Day®

Program Overview


Building a Team

Take a look at the 2020 annual theme ( Biodiversity

-Education, Conservation, A Community of Shared Future for Mankind )

Homepage->Materials->GNHD 2020 Annual Theme->Download

Find a teammate

Brainstorm topics & research questions



Useful Information for Participants


Here you can find:

The 2020 Rule Book

2020 GNHD Program Overview

2020 GNHD Leaflet



Registration(Launched in February 2020)

Log into the GNHD official website, enter your phone number or email address as your user name, and set a password to complete the user registration process.

Log in-> Fill out personal information-> Generate ID

Use your user name to log into the personal center, fill out your personal information to generate a unique ID.

The ID is used throughout the contest for identification and informational purposes.

If you want to change any personal information (excluding name, gender, date of birth), you can update your information in the personal center.

Note: After entering the ID and ID number, please do not change it arbitrarily to avoid affecting information verification if no mistakes.


Enter the GNHD® Competition(Launched in March 2020)

Log in->Personal center->Create a team-> Create a team entry code

Once you have confirmed that both your mentor and partner have IDs, you can set up a team. Fill in the name and IDs of the mentor & students,and choose your contest category (exhibit/performance). Once established, a team entry code will be generated.

Log in->Personal center->Contest confirmation

For preliminaries, Semi-finals, and Global Finals, you are required to visit the official website within the specified time for "Contest confirmation". Select your entry code according to the system prompts to fill in the supplemental information. The system will automatically generate “Written materials” and “Entry confirmation form” and save them into the event document.


Ready for the Challenge!

You are ready to participate in GNHD® & take the challenge!



Semi-finals in every regions are March-June 2020

Finals the end of July 2020, Shanghai, China.

If you want to know more, please email us,

our email address is: gnhd@qq.com!


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