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Mysterious Undersea Shooting

Mysterious Undersea Shooting

"Detective Octopus! Another case happened," Sheriff Squid rushed into detective Octopus' office hurriedly: "A crab was stunned by some gangsters!"


In the interrogation room, the victim crab woke up a few minutes ago. Besides he, a sea cucumber, a small fish and a small shrimp was sitting there. Everyone was worried.


The crab began to talk about what happened: "I went out as usual early in the morning, but the road I was familiar with was blocked due to construction, so I took another path which was remote and had no people hanging around. Suddenly, I heard a huge click, and then I knew nothing ... "


The sea cucumber next to him said, "I was a cleaner. I was cleaning the road nearby. I accidentally found the fainted crab, so I called the police."


"Why didn’t you think that the crab fainted himself?" detective Octopus asked: "Why the first thing you do is not to contact the hospital but to call the police?"


"It's a gunshot." The sea cucumber paused for a while and whispered: "Before I found the crab, I heard the gunshot."


"Gunshot?" The Sheriff Squid shouted: "That’s impossible! The people in Coral Reef City are prohibited to hold guns!"


The sea cucumber was startled, and he said with a trembling voice: "But, I heard it clearly. And, I am responsible for this area, I have heard this mysterious gunshot many times ...... So as soon as I saw the crab fainting on the ground, I called the police hurriedly. "


"The sea cucumber is right," said the little fish, turning his big eyes: "I also can hear banging gunshots a lot."


At this moment, the humble little shrimp looked up to see the little fish.


Small fish continued: "Small shrimp and I live nearby. The police asked us to cooperate with the investigation. In my opinion, there must be a master thief with a gun broke into our city!"


Hearing the word of master thief, not only the sea cucumber next to him shivered, but even the crab instantly trembled.

The bad-temper Sheriff Squid was anxious, he was so angry. He shouted: "Master thief dare to come to my city! And a shooting happened! I will arrest him at once!"


"You got it, Sheriff," detective Octopus said, "I already knew who the criminal is."


Everyone cast a surprised look.


"Who is it?" Sheriff Squid quickly asked: "I'll arrest him immediately!"


"There is no need," detective Octopus said calmly. "The criminal is in this room."


 "Do not pretend innocent anymore, pistol shrimp!" said the detective Octopus, "You are the criminal who stunned the crab!"


It turned out that the crab happened to pass by the pistol shrimp’s cave this morning. Pistol shrimp ambushed behind the cave. When the crab passed by, a powerful bubble wave was ejected, and the crab was stunned. At the same time, a huge sound happened, which is the "gunshot" everyone heard.


With a click, the handcuff was put on the shrimp’s two clamps, and he lowered his head in despair.


The crab looked at the pistol shrimp, the shrimp is several times smaller than him. He said: "It's incredible. Such a small shrimp can stun me, a big and thick crab!"


The detective Octopus smiled: "Crab, you are lucky because you are big enough and you meet a small pistol shrimp. Otherwise, you might have been killed. The pistol shrimp doesn’t want to stun you, he wants to eat you. You are his main food! "


And now, the little fish put on a smiley face: "Detective, you are really clever! Now that the criminal was caught, we can rest assure. Can we go now?" Detective Octopus despised him: "You too, goby fish, do not act anymore! Pistol shrimp is responsible for digging and hunting, and you are responsible for providing the information. You are the accomplice!"


"Click", the goby fish and pistol shrimp were handcuffed together, now these two “brothers” could meet in prison.


The "shooting" case was finally closed, and the Coral Reef City returned to its former calm.