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The Fake Courier

The Fake Courier

In the bustling Coral Reef City, the smart Nautilus has launched a "Nautilus Express Company", which is responsible for delivering parcels for the residents. Although the Nautilus can’t swim very fast, it can not only float on the sea surface, but also sink into the deep seabed. His active range is very wide. Besides, the charge is fair and Nautilus is very diligent. So the "Nautilus Express Company" soon became more and more popular.


One day, Nautilus, who was out for a week, dragged his tired body and finally returned to the company. Suddenly, several figures came out and surrounded him. "Compensate!" "Compensate!" "Compensate our delivery fees, compensate our parcels!" Nautilus was so scared that he hid in his spiral shell. Those figures were sea cucumber, sea anemone, and sea urchin. They shouted, and extended their tentacles, tubes, and thorns. They hit the Nautilus’s shell and the sound liked “bang bang bang”.


What was going on?


It turned out that when Nautilus went out for delivery, another "Nautilus" appeared in Coral Reef City. She claimed to be the new employee of the "Nautilus Express". More than a dozen residents believed her and gave her the letters and parcels. However, the "Nautilus" never showed up again, she disappeared with the parcels and the delivery fee.


Nautilus felt wronged, he explained to everybody that he didn’t employed anyone at all. But residents believe that the “Nautilus” did business using the name of "Nautilus Express", so Nautilus must compensate everyone for their losses. In desperation, Nautilus decided to find the impostor, so he asked those residents some details about the appearance and characteristics. 


"I should have not believed her at the first place!"the sea cucumber began to hammer his chest: "Actually, she was so small. At first, I really doubted whether she could carry such a heavy parcel!"


The sea urchin saidy: "She had a thinner shell with lighter color. I thought she was a nautilus that had not grown up completely, and I also wondered why Nautilus Express would hire a child labor!”


"This impostor was a disabled person, and her characteristics were very obvious!" sea anemone said confidently: "You can check those leg-broken nautilus! I saw she had only 8 tentacles."

 Hearing this, Nautilus stood up suddenly: "I know who the suspect is!"


After receiving the report from Nautilus, the Coral Reef Police Department quickly dispatched a squad of police officers to conduct a carpet inspection, and quickly arrested the suspect——the argonaut. It turned out that the argonaut could secrete lime, and could also make a delicate shell. That’s why she could pretended to be a nautilus and deceived the residents.


"I am a poor single mother!"the argonaut cried in the interrogation room. "My husband, who died shortly after the wedding, left me and my child alone. This shell is actually a cradle for my still unborn baby. I need to take care of my baby, but it’s really hard to find the food. So I deceived them, and I am so sorry......”


Nautilus suddenly felt pity for her. He rubbed his 90 tentacles and said, "It's not easy to be a single mother...... Why don’t you join my express company? I'm short of staff." “That’s so great!” The argonaut answered happily.


Since then, the argonaut joined the Nautilus Express company, specializing in packaging the goods. She worked hard, not only repaid the compensation, but also became a model employee in the company!