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The Theft of the Pearl

The Theft of the Pearl

Early in the morning, a shocking news swept across the Coral Reef City: the museum's treasure, "Heart of the Ocean," was stolen! The Heart of the Ocean is a gigantic pearl, shining brilliantly. It has always been a symbol and pride of the Coral Reef City. The theft of such valuable treasure has become the top case in the police station.


The anxious sheriff Squid invited the detective Octopus to help. They went to the museum, and came to the booth of the Heart of the Ocean to check. The thick crystal cabinet of the booth shattered to the ground, and the pearl inside disappeared.


The curator Jellyfish standing on the side said anxiously and confusedly: "Our security measures are of the highest level! You see, this crystal cabinet is bulletproof! Who can break it?"


"What else security measures do you have?"detective Octopus asked.


"In addition to the bulletproof crystal cabinet booth, we also installed infrared alarms around the booth, even a small shrimp can't get any closer! However, the alarm did not rang last night!"


The sheriff Squid extended a tentacle to the booth. Suddenly, the bell rang and the harsh voice echoing throughout the exhibition hall. The sheriff Squid nodded: "The siren is indeed very sensitive."


"I have checked carefully just now," said detective Octopus. "The door locks of the entrance and the exhibition hall are intact. It seems that the thief is familiar with this museum. Um, can anyone control the infrared alarm?"


The curator Jellyfish shook his head: "Our museum staff have door keys. But only I have the key to the crystal cabinet and the switch of the alarm."


The sheriff Squid shouted: "It seems that this is an internal crime. Curator Jellyfish, you are the major suspect!" "Ah, it's not me!" curator Jellyfish panicked.


Detective Octopus walked around, his attention was drawn to the staff service wall. He looked at each one carefully: lionfish, hermit crab, grouper...... Suddenly, he stopped and carefully observed the information of an employee——mantis shrimp.


"Curator Jellyfish, when did this mantis shrimp come to the museum?" detective Octopus asked.

"He? He is a newcomer. He came to our museum a month ago to be a cleaner." The curator Jellyfish said, "Oh! Just two days ago, he submitted a resignation report to me, and now he is no longer in the museum. "


Detective Octopus nodded: "If my suspect is correct, this disappearing mantis shrimp may be the major suspect. Sheriff, please order the arrest!"


Within two days, the mantis shrimp was caught. The police officers found the beautiful pearl "the Heart of the Ocean" from him. The case was successfully resolved. In the tavern of Coral Reef City, the sheriff Squid asked curiously: "My cleverest friend, how did you find out that the thief is mantis shrimp?"


Detective Octopus smiled and said: "In fact, it is very simple. The suspect must be one of the museum staff. The only one who can break the crystal cabinet and pass the infrared alarm is the mantis shrimp. The forelimb of the mantis shrimp is very powerful. Breaking through hard objects; and infrared siren...... Do you know that mantis shrimp can actually see the infrared light? He can easily pass the siren and steal the pearl without noticing. "


"I see." said the sheriff Squid, and then he raised the glass: "It’s our luck to have you here!"