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The Model Father

The Model Father

Mr. Chun was a model husband. If any interesting happened, he would tell his wife at He always carried his wife around which made his wife very happy.


With the weather getting warmer, the couples began to prepare for babies. First, they chose the water plants in the pond as their nursery.


But Mrs. Chun was dissatisfied, she complained that the place was too dark , and their neighbors were noisy.


Mr. Chun confused: "My dear, where do you think is appropriate?"


Mrs. Chun's brow frowned and said, "I'm not satisfied anyway." She paused and continued, "What if the children are stolen in such remote place?


Mrs. Chun sighed, she didn't feel safe.


Mr. Chun was very distressed to see his wife worried. He swam to her and gave her a big hug: "We will find a way, we can guard them every single minute. It’s no big deal."


Mrs. Chun stared at the broad and strong back of her husband. Suddenly she and an idea. She said: "They can grow up on your back. It’s the only way i can rest assure. "


"But with the children on my back, how can i carry you?" Mr. Chun thought it was not a good idea.


Mrs. Chun smiled: "I made up my mind, and I believe you will be the best dad!"


Mrs. Chun trusted her husband, and she wanted to give the children the safest and the most comfortable place.


In the end, Mrs. Chuns put forty to fifty eggs on her husband's back, densely packed. She also secreted a lot of mucus and stuck the eggs firmly bit by bit.


Day by day, Mrs. Chun felt more and more tired, she even had no strength to swim.


One day, she struggled to swim to her husband, and said in a feeble voice: "My dear, I can’t take care of the children with you. Please take good care of our children, please!"


Then they said goodbye to each other with tears.

Carrying her words, Mr. Chun looked after their eggs carefully.


He swam to the surface of the water so the eggs on his back could breath the oxygen. The warming sunlight could also make their babies grow quickly.


One day, Mr. Chun was busy watering the eggs on his back. Suddenly, he heard a bang of the door. His neighbor——the river prawn was terrified, and fled immediately. Mr. Chun turned his head and found a Shui Chai approaching from behind.


Dangerous! Mr. Chun was tense, and desperately flicked his legs and fled around in a panic. However Shui Chai was determined to chase after Mr. Chun.


A few moment after, Mr. Chun hit upon a plan, he hid in the dark water grass and didn’t move. Shui Chai found no trail, so he left.


It took a long time for Mr. Chun to come out to breath. He protected the babies and kept the promise he made to his wife.


For the babies’ good, Mr. Chun couldn't hide in the water grass the whole time. He became more cautious to carry the babies float up and down the water.


After two weeks, the babies finally hatched. Looking at those tiny little things, Mr. Chun was officially a dad. Mr. Chun would continue to take care of them for a while, taught them some survival skills, until they can live independently.


Seeing the way Mr. Chun raised his babies, the neighbors praised and gave him a title of "model father".