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Sparrow and Swallow

Sparrow and Swallow

The sparrow family and swallow family lived in a clean farmhouse. Sparrows lived in a crack on the roof. Swallows lived in a mud nest under the eaves. They were neighbors and inseparable good friends.


In spring, little sparrow and little swallow hatched. In order to feed the baby, little sparrow’s parents found some soft fleshy insects, and little swallow parents found a lot of mosquitoes. The two little things grew up very quickly. In summer, the two of them slipped their hair and grew beautiful feathers. They became friends and learned how to fly together. When they were tired, they usually stood on the same branch and talked all the time.


One day in autumn, the little sparrow went to find the little swallow. The little swallows' family was busy packing up their bags. The little swallow told the little sparrow that winter was coming, and they would leave here for Egypt.


"Egypt?" the little sparrow scratched his head with his wings. "Is that the village next door?"


Swallow’s mom couldn't help laughing: "Egypt is in the far south, far away from here, it’s 13,000 kilometers away!"


The little sparrow returned home sullenly. He asked his dad: "Are we going on a winter vacation?" "Vacation? What vacation?" sparrow’s dad was puzzled. "We don't go anywhere in winter, just stay at home!"


The little sparrow was very sad: "Why can the little swallow go to Egypt for a holiday, but I can't?"


Sparrow’s mom put the little sparrow in her arms: "The swallow family are not go for a vacation, they are overwintering. They are migratory birds, and we are resident birds. Migratory birds come to north every summer to breed offspring, and in winter they fly to the south for overwintering. While the resident birds will stay in their homes for generations. "


"It's not good to be a resident bird!" said the little sparrow. "I want to be a migratory bird and fly south with swallows."


"My little pumpkin!" sparrow’s dad pecked the little sparrow's head gently. "Migratory birds and resident birds have different living habits. Our sparrows can endure the cold in the severe winter. Besides us, owls, magpies and crows are also resident birds. We are all tough and powerful. Don’t you think it’s a proud to be a resident bird? "


The little sparrow was happy again: "Yes, I'm not afraid of cold, I'm a strong little sparrow!" But he suddenly realized: "I can’t see my friend little swallow anymore, can I ?"


"Yes, you can!"sparrow’s mom smiled. "They will come back next spring. Swallows are a kind of birds with good memory. They can find their way to go back every year." So the little sparrow finally rest assured .


Winter passed and spring came. The snow was melting, and the little sparrow was concentrating on pecking the grass seeds. Suddenly, his eyes were blindfolded by a pair of wings. "Guess who I am!" A crisp and familiar voice rang in his ears. "Little swallow, you are back!" The little sparrow turned his head with surprise.


"Yeah, I brought you a gift from Egypt!" the little swallow said with a smile. The two of them flew and talked about everything. They had too much to share!