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Doctor Fish Is Mad

Doctor Fish Is Mad

Next to a striking coral in Coral Reef City, there is a charity clinic run by doctor Fish. Doctor Fish who wears the blue, black and white striped coat is very kind, he diagnoses those citizens patiently and doesn’t charge any fee. The people of Coral Reef City all say: "Doctor fish is a great person!" Everyone respects the doctor fish; even the brutal shark will stand respectfully and take off his hat to salute when he sees the doctor Fish.


One day, butterflyfish felt sting and itch. He thought that the old problem was repeated. It was time to see the doctor. Next day, butterflyfish got up early in the morning and went to see the doctor Fish. When he arrived, he saw doctor Fish was turning the sign “OFF” to the sign “ON”.


"Morning! Doctor," he greeted the doctor Fish, but doctor Fish seemed to be startled.  But he calmed down instantly and smiled, "Come in, please!" He was still wearing his blue, black and white striped coat, and everything was as usual.


The butterflyfish laid on the examine table and said "Doctor, my left body feels a little tickling. Maybe the parasitic disease has recurred."


The doctor Fish came with a stethoscope. First he examined the butterflyfish's body carefully. Then he used the magnifying glass to check the painful and itchy area. "Go a little further to the left," said the butterflyfish. "Yes, that's right here ..."


"Ouch!!!" The butterflyfish screamed suddenly. He felt a pain in his heart. He looked back. The gentle doctor Fish bit him and his mouth covered with blood! It scared butterflyfish too much, he ran away immediately.


Soon, the police station received multiple reports. The highly respected doctor Fish attacked the patients, causing many residents slightly injured! Then the rumors came: Doctor Fish is either crazy, or infected with a rare virus, and may even be possessed by ghosts...... What happened made detective Octopus consider.


"Detective!" The Sheriff Squid rushed into the police station, he wiped sweat on his forehead and said "we caught the suspect!" Behind him, there was the shocked doctor Fish. His fins was handcuffed, he said trembly: "Why do you catch me? I am doctor Fish!"


"Doctor, please be cooperate with our investigation," detective Octopus said, "Did you go to the clinic these days?"


"Clinic?" doctor Fish frowned doubtfully. "Me and my family went on vacation. The clinic has been closed for three days! My wife and neighbors can testify for me. I just returned to the clinic this morning and was arrested. What's going on? "


Detective Octopus nodded: "The case is clear, Sheriff, please make an arrest order."


"Okay!" Sheriff Squid stood up, but paused again. "Wait, detective, the suspect is already here. Why do we need another arrest order?"


"Please arrest a suspect named Coris picta," the detective said confidently. "Here is his information."


Soon, the Coris picta was caught. He confessed immediately. It turned out that he and the doctor Fish looked very similar, they all dressed in a blue and white Striped coat. Since doctor Fish went for vacation, he took the chance and pretended to be  doctor Fish. When he checked those patients, he would attack them, biting off their flesh as his own delicious meal. In view of the fact that the Coris picta was still a minor fish, and this was the first time he committed a crime, he was sent to the juvenile prison.


Soon, doctor Fish's clinic reopened. There is a large poster sent by detective Octopus hanging on the wall, shows the subtle differences between the doctor Fish and the Coris picta. And now the citizens of Coral Reef City will never be deceived again.