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The Seabed Hot Spring Spa

The Seabed Hot Spring Spa

"Detective Octopus, please enjoy a hot spring and get a good rest!" The boss Yellow Croaker shouted enthusiastically when the detective Octopus passed by.


"Hi! It's been a long time since last time I came to the Shell Street. Is this your new store?"  


"Yeah! My new Seabed Hot Spring Spa has just opened, you can enjoy your hot spring under the sea."


Detective Octopus liked this novel idea. He accepted the kind invitation and walked into the spa.


The boss Yellow Croaker led the way and told the detective Octopus where the idea of undersea hot spring came from. It turned out that the boss Yellow Croaker once travelled to the deep sea,and enjoyed a local spa. He found that the warm water there is very cozy. That’s when he decided to build a hot spring in Coral Reef City. He needed the warm water of the deep sea hot spring area. So he invested immediately to make a pipeline to transport the warm water. In this way, the Seabed Hot Spring Spa established.


Too many cases needed to be handled recently, detective Octopus was exhausted. He felt such relief when soaked in the warm water of the hot spring.


Six months later, detective Octopus went to visit his teacher, professor Turtle. When they met, professor Turtle said worriedly: "The coral reefs in our city are starting turning white. I am very worried! Help me to find out the cause, please!"


"Professor, why are you so worried?"detective Octopus asked.


"Coral reefs are the foundation of our city. They provide us with food and shelter  for generations. If the coral reefs turn white, it means that they are about to die. And our city will be in a great danger.”


Hearing this, even the resourceful detective Octopus was confused. He asked: "Why do the coral reefs turn white?"


"This is because the temperature of the seawater has risen. Even if it only rises by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, it will cause the coral reef to turn white. I have been monitoring the water temperature in our Coral Reef City. The water temperature has risen abnormally in the past six months.

Detective Octopus frowned, he thought for a while, and said, "Professor, I know the cause of the problem!"


Soon, the popular Seabed Hot Spring Spa suspended business for rectification. After investigation, it was found that the hot spring water of the deep sea transported by the pipeline is a large heater, caused the temperature of the Coral Reef City to rise, making the fragile coral reefs white.


A few months later, the coral reefs regained their splendid colors again, and the Coral Reef City was saved. As for the Seabed Hot Spring Spa, the boss Yellow Croaker turned it into a submarine spa. The business was even more popular, and the detective Octopus had visited it several times.