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Bee's Revenge

Bees Revenge

It was spring, the little bee Doudou was busy collecting nectar. Doudou was very happy, because the beekeeper’s child Tiantian would be back because of the vacation. Doudou liked Tiantian, because as long as Tiantian was at home, he would play with Doudou.


Doudou flew to the Tiantian’s room and asked him, "Tiantian, when will you finish your homework?" Tiantian said: "Next time you send the honey back, I will finish it!" But when Doudou came back again, Tiantian disappeared. Even worse, he put the dried fish on the beehive!


Doudou thought anxiously: How careless Tiantian is! He must have forgotten that the fishy smell would attract the cruel wasps! While thinking how to cope this situation, two wasps hummed with their wings and rushed over. Doudou hurried back to the nest, and told his every siblings. Then he and dozens of strong worker bees guarded the beehive.


However, the wasps were so fierce. Those little bees tried their best but barely resisted the first attack. Doudou was exhausted, he leaned on the beehive. He knew that there would be another attack. And if Tiantian wouldn’t show up, there would be more bees die! At this very moment, he suddenly heard the sound of Tiantian's footsteps. Doudou used all his strength to fly to Tiantian and told him everything.


Tiantian apologized and put away the dried fish at the same time. He promised to Doudou: "Don’t worry, I have seen how the bee hunter deal with the wasps. I will burn them entirely. I will revenge for you!" Doudou hid in the beehive and observed Tiantian’s move. First he fetched some fishing lines and a few pieces of paper. Then he cut the fishing lines into small pieces. Then he tied a piece of paper at one end of the fishing line, and tied a rope buckle at the other end. Finally he took a piece of raw meat to attract wasps.


After a while, a few wasps flew over. Lying on the raw meat, they bit greedily. Tiantian took the opportunity and tied the notes to the wasp's waist. Those wasp concentrated eating and were even busy with the food fight, they didn’t aware anything else. Tiantian drove away the wasps. He held a torch which was prepared in advance. He said to Doudou which hid in the beehive: "Let’s go now, the wasps fly away with the note. Now we can track their nest! "Doudou flew out of the beehive and landed on Tiantian's shoulder.


When Tiantian intended to track those wasps, his father came back. Tiantian told him about what happened. Father took his torch and asked: "Tiantian, do you know what the wasps eat besides bees?"


"I don't know." Tiantian answered honestly.


Father said: "The wasps also eat insects that are harmful to the crops. Without them, the crops will not grow well, so as the flowers. And finally the bees will have no nectar to collect."


Tiantian pouted and said, "But, those bad wasps killed a lot of our bees!"


Dad touched Tiantian's head and said:" You are so kind. You want to be a little beekeeper to protect those bees, right?"


Tiantian nodded. Father hugged Tian Tian: "But we can't destroy the ecological balance. However I have an idea, do you want to hear?"


Tiantian looked up at his dad, and Doudou also stretched his ears.


Father said: "The wasp can only be active within 500 meters of the beehive. If the distance extends, they will be lost. So we can move the beehive farther away so that the wasps will not harm them anymore.


Tiantian clapped his hands and said: "That’s great. I'll go with you!" Doudou also fanned his wings on to show approval.


Father said: "Wasps are very toxic and children should never get closer! Even I have to wear the thick protective clothing and professional equipment before move the hive."


In the evening, Tiantian’s father put on the protective clothing and took the device. He followed the track and found the wasp’s hive. After a while, he returned and said to Tiantian and Doudou: "I have moved the wasp's hive, the bees will not worry about it any more."


Tiantian and Doudou told this news to all the little bees, and then they said good night to each other. Tomorrow they will go to the hillside together to find the most beautiful flower.