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The Adventure in Wetland

The Adventure in Wetland

In the grass near the pond, there were mother frog and a group of her babies. The little frog had just transformed from the black tadpoles. They stretched their four legs, jumped excitedly.


The cicada hadn’t start singing and the birds were still napping. The wetland was very quiet. Those little frogs looked at each other and felt bored because they all looked alike.


They ran to their mom: "Mom, mom, we want to play around the pond."


Mother frog agreed, but she said: "Beware of an animal called snake, it will eat you."


"What does the snake look like?"


"The snake is long, slippery, and has a particularly large mouth ..."


The little frogs went out to play. They first dived into the pond. They wanted to play hide and seek at the water seeds. Suddenly, they found a long slippery animal hiding there. "Snake!"the little frogs were startled. That long animal smiled: "I am not a snake, I am a loach, and I live in muddy water."


"Aren't you drowning?" the frogs asked curiously.


"No, I am a fish, I can not only breathe with gills, but also with intestines!"


That’s amazing! The sky was dark as if it was going to rain. The little frogs swam back to the shore. A long and slippery animal slid out of the soil. "Snake!"the frogs were about to escape. That animal smiled: "I am not a snake, I am an earthworm, and I live in the soil."


"Can you see?"the little frogs asked curiously.


"I can only feel the light. In the soil, I can move around with the help of sensory nerves."


That’s cool! The frogs jumped under a leaf. They planed to rest for a while. Looking  up, they found a long green animal crawling on the leaf.


"Are you a snake?" the little frogs asked calmly.


That animal stopped crawling: "I am not a snake, I am a cabbage worm, a child of cabbage butterfly."


"Where are your wings?"


"I will grow my wings until i become a pupa."


It must be very happy to fly in the sky. The little frogs saw a long thing moving in the grass. Looking up, the tall figure blocked the sky. "Are... are you ... are you a snake?" The little frogs were a little scared. That animal lowered its head and opened its pointed and long mouth, "I am not a snake, I am a little egret, I am looking for food."


"What do you like to eat?"


"I like to eat small fish and shrimps especially. And I also like to eat insects. By the way, I like to eat small frogs, too." Then, the little egret opened it’s mouth to peck at them.


That was so dangerous! The little frogs fled, and finally escaped the egret. Mother only said that the snakes eat frogs. But she didn’t mention that the birds eat frogs too. They passed through the grass, jumped over the rocks and the mud pits, and hit a long, slippery, patterned animal. The little frogs were too tired, they laid on that animal to rest.


"Get up, kids. Don't block the sunlight." the animal moved its body.


"Why are you sunbathing?"


"I'm a cold-blooded animal, and the sunlight makes me energetic."


The little frogs talked about the adventure just now: That egret is so terrible! The animal listened to their conversation leisurely, and from time to time, it stuck out its tongue.


"Okay, let's go! By the way, who are you?" The little frogs finally asked.


"Me? I am a snake ..."


"Ah ..." The little frogs fled in fright. They fled far away and looked back at the snake. It still stuck out its tongue leisurely.


The little frogs returned to their mother: "Mom, you are not right, the snake is lazy, it does not eat us at all."


The frog mother said: "That's because it is just full, and will not eat for the next few days or even weeks."


I see. The adventures of the little frogs were really scared but not dangerous. It seems that you can learn a lot when you go on an adventure. Look, the little frogs bulged their mouths and planned for their next wetland adventure.